A year of campaigning

AGENCY: imena group

TIME: 2017


LANGUAGE: Arabic / English

The Scope

To showcase IKEA iconic products into the digital medium at its best simple forum and making sure that it reflects IKEA timeless quality and brand in every visual.

The Solution

Publishing catalogue products each by it’s own and adding few touches to emphasize function as well as applying motion to key visuals and Ads to bring life to the brand at make it more appealing and closer in feeling and function to their audience.

The Process

MY MAIN ROLE with IKEA was an intermediator between the global and local as all material needs to be customized for Saudi Arabia (KSA) market and UAE -for some- without losing the identity and with a bit of tweaks and adds here and there that included work for IKEA catalogue annual release and IKEA sale campaign that is between JULY-August each year

IKEA sale campaign TV commercial produced for Orbit Showtime Online stream network (OSN)

Interesting about IKEA! IKEA is a Swedish company people rarely now about their origin but mostly know their logo which considered one of the most iconic globally due to its simplicity, long history and minimalism